D30-140: new Phanteks fans despite Lian Li complaint


Not so long ago, we learned that the Lian Li brand had filed a complaint against Phanteks. The grounds? Patent infringement in connection with a system for connecting D30 fans in series via the frame. Ironically, at a time when the situation is tense between the two brands, the Dutch company is stirring the pot by announcing its D30-140 fans!

D30-140: new fans for Phanteks despite Lian Li complaint!

As we said here, Phanteks believes it is in the right in its dealings with Lian Li. That’s why the company is adding to its range of D30 fans. This time, the brand’s 140 mm fans will complement its 120 mm fans. What’s more, this will enable the brand to announce its Glacier One 420 D30, which has yet to be seen!

Phanteks D30-140

In fact, we find fans inspired by the original series, but larger. The mills benefit from a thick frame with numerous aRGB inserts, while the serial connection mode remains unchanged. In fact, the frame features a connector to link the fans to each other via a clip linking each mill. Finally, screw covers are provided to ensure careful assembly.

For the moment, we don’t yet know all the characteristics of these fans. Air flow and static pressure are not yet known.

However, we do know that two versions will be offered, the first with normal blades, the second with reverse blades. The aim is to retain a certain aesthetic appeal without sacrificing too much performance. Finally, two colors are on the program, with black and white, all available in packs of three or individually.

As for the price :

  • 29.90 € each with normal or reverse blades
  • 84.90 € as a pack of three with single or reverse blades