BTF: cable-free configuration from Asus coming soon


We’ve already told you about the concept of cable-free configurations several times. At Asus, however, things seem to be speeding up as the brand unveils its full concept. A configuration based on a BTF motherboard is quite something!

BTF: the Asus concept moves forward!

Asus concept BTF
The fully-assembled configuration, a real eye-catcher

As a reminder, the concept behind all this is to “revolutionize” the way computers are assembled. For example, Asus has moved the various connectors on its motherboards to the rear of the printed circuit board. The same applies to the graphics card, which has a power connector positioned just behind the PCIe slot. So, once installed: zero visible cables. Clearly, if this concept becomes widespread, it’s cablemod that’s likely to look the worse for wear.

In any case, Asus is using Gamescom to communicate around this concept, while at the same time showcasing a Z790 TUF card. The latter is based on an ATX format with, once again, all the main connectors moved to the rear of the PCB. Connections are therefore made out of sight, at the rear of the case’s motherboard tray. However, this model does feature a power connector dedicated to the graphics card, in this case an RTX 4070.

Asus TX Gaming B760-BTF WiFi

In China, at the Bilibili Wolrd 2023, the brand presented a TX Gaming B760-BTF WiFi… A sort of Chinese-style counterpart to the aforementioned card.

All told, that’s three motherboards, a graphics card and at least two well-known cases (a GT502 and a modified AP201). All this leads us to believe that the concept is about to see the light of day, especially now that mass production has begun.