Blackwell B100 performances : to the moon !


The next generation of NVIDIA cards, Blackwell, promises to be particularly powerful, at least in the server sector. The brand is teasing the performance of its Blackwell B100, which looks set to double that of the H200, due in 2024.

Blackwell B100: an AI monster?

NVIDIA Blackwell B100

Currently, the most powerful card in the field of artificial intelligence is the H100. It offers colossal performance and has been banned from China for this very reason. What’s more, it’s a card whose delivery times seem interminable– a victim of its own success, shall we say.

However, it’s a model that will have to make way for the H200, due to arrive next year, obviously in the second quarter. Compared with the A100 (used as a base index), its performance will be 18x superior, while the H100 was x11 on GPT-3 175B Inference.

Faced with these results, we have the B100, which seems to have doubled its performance against the H200 on the same benchmark. With this card, NVIDIA will be using a chiplet design for the first time, i.e. an MCM-type GPU. As for engraving, rumors indicate that it will be produced in 3 nm by TSMC.

NVIDIA Blackwell B100

Finally, several products will be offered under this generation, such as the GB200, successor to the H200. On the other hand, we have the B40, successor to the L40S. The interesting thing here is the timeframe, since Blackwell could arrive fairly quickly, with the first deliveries scheduled for late 2024.