Asus announces its RTX 4080 Noctua Edition!


The news has just fallen, it will finally be an RTX 4080 that will be chosen for the new collab’ between Noctua and Asus. Indeed, the Taiwanese brand announces its RTX 4080 Noctua Edition, a big baby cooled by two Austrian fans!

The RTX 4080 Noctua Edition, the card announced by Asus!

Asus RTX 4080 Noctua EditionThe collaboration between the two brands is materialized around this new card. As you can see, the design does not change compared to the RTX 3070 of the same name. The fairing offers a light brown shell with gray inserts with the logos of both brands.

However, what interests us most are the fans which are none other than NF-A12x25 PWM. This allows Asus to announce “the quietest air-cooled card in its class”. But this also makes it one of the largest cards on the market with its 4.3 slot thickness in a case!

However, the solution seems to be effective since Asus mentions a peak temperature of only 61.7°C. At the same time, it must be said that the heatsink is well built with its eight copper heat pipes and its steam chamber… Let’s hope that there is no small defect like for the RX 7900 series from AMD.

Now, the data sheet remains incomplete since we don’t know the operating frequencies yet. We only know that a dual bios offering performance and silence profiles is at work. Besides, it’s quite ironic to have a ” Quiet ” profile when we know which fans are at work, isn’t it?