ASUS also announces support for 256 GB RAM!


Following in the footsteps of Gigabyte, ASRock and MSI, ASUS has now announced support for the famous 256 GB RAM on its DDR5 motherboards. This time, words are backed up by deeds, as the bios are now available!

256 GB RAM, ASUS announces support!

ASUS 256 Go DDR5

RAM capacities are increasing all the time… After the 12 GBDDR5 SO-DIMM modules, ASUS is now announcing support for 256 GB of memory. The only drawback is the lack of 64 GB DDR5 modules. However, these should eventually come onto the market. As a reminder, Micron is expected to offer higher-capacity memory chips for 64 GB modules.

In the meantime, ASUS is launching a whole batch of bios. If you have an Intel motherboard, you’ll need to update your hardware. This applies to all boards based on Intel chipsets running DDR5 memory. On the AMD side, however, there’s no need to update your board, as this capability is already supported.

Finally, one might well ask what it’s for. It’s simple: virtual machines, AI running locally, etc., etc., etc. All these uses consume RAM.

To update your card, all you have to do is find it on the ASUS website and download the correct bios.