An RTX 4080 Super from the Zephyr and VK Valkyrie collaboration unveiled!


A new graphics card has appeared on the web, the result of a collaboration between the Zephyr and VK Valkyrie brands. While the former is known for its original boards, the latter is popular in China for its DIY components. In short, the result of this collab’: an RTX 4080 Super custom, is making its debut on the Net via a teaser shared on bilibili.

RTX 4080 Super: the result of the collaboration between Zephyr and VK Valkyrie is revealed!

Zephyr X VK Valkyrie RTX 4080 SuperWith this card, we find a customized model based on liquid cooling in the form of an AIO. However, the brands are doing things right, with 90° end fittings for the pipes. Likewise, the PCB has been redesigned so that the 12V-2×6 connector is located at the rear of the board rather than on top. Coupled with a 90° cable, connectivity is 100% hidden! Last but not least, we’d like to highlight the aluminum fairing and RGB inserts.

Coupled with a 280 mm radiator, topped by two 140 mm fans, temperatures appear to be under control. A Furmark capture shows the card reaching 52°C under load, all for a new sound level of 40.8 dB.

Other 3DMark scores include

  • Time Spy Extreme: 14,136 pts
  • Fire Strike Ultra: 17,160 pts
  • Speed Way: 7,316 pts

All that remains is to find out the card’s retail price, which has yet to be revealed. The card is also a limited edition.