A few more benchmarks for the S80 MTT from Moore Threads!


The MTT S80 from Moore Threads, a 100% Chinese graphics card, is definitely the talk of the town. Via VideoCardz we have the right to a new batch of benchmarks, this time in game. This gives us a better idea of the card’s overall performance than on 3DMark03/06!

MTT S80, not as good as a GT 1030!


As a reminder, this MTT S80 offers a GPU with a total of 4096 Musa cores in FP32. Similarly, it has a total of 16 GB of GDDR6 memory while displaying compatibility with PCIe 5.0. However, there are also some restrictions such as the lack of support for tessellation, while the support for games is limited to those in DirectX9, for example. Another major drawback is the hardware compatibility limited to certain motherboards and displays.

For the series of in-game surveys, it is the South Korean media BullsLab that is doing it. By the way, to make their readings, they bought the card directly from China.

BullsLab’s comparisons show that the card struggles in almost all games against the GT 1030 and GTX 1060. As a reminder, the small 1030 is a very small card available for just over €100 and with a limited configuration. Indeed, this entry-level model contains only 384 cuda core and has 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

Where the Chinese card does better than its little American rival is on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Lost Ark and TREE of Savior. Otherwise, it is the PLS in the seven other titles of the comparison… And it’s better not to look at the GTX 1060.

In short, it’s not pretty, but let’s remember that the company is starting from 0 and that this is their very first GPU. By the way, we are quite curious to see what the future holds for this company, hopefully some good.