Year-on-year financial results: NVIDIA x3!


In view of NVIDIA’s latest financial results, we can’t say that the company is in poor health… Far from it! In fact, the company tripled its sales compared with the previous year!

Financial results: NVIDIA in top form!

Résultats financiers NVIDIA Q3 2023NVIDIA has just published its figures for the third quarter of 2023. Clearly, the company has nothing to complain about, tripling its sales compared with 2022. As can be seen, it has gone from $5.931 billion (third quarter 2022) to $18.120 billion for this third quarter 2023. Moreover, quarter-on-quarter, the figures are up (34%): $13.507 billion in the second quarter of 2023. In terms of net income, the company announced $9.243 billion!

Clearly, the company is benefiting from the artificial intelligence boom, since the data center section remains the most profitable… By far! At $14.514 billion, this branch alone accounts for 80% of the company’s sales! In second place, in terms of figures, we have the gaming section, where we find the RTX 40 & Co. This sector is worth $2.856 billion, while the Professional Visualization, Automotive and OEM branches are “just” in the millions of dollars.

And that’s not all, since the brand expects to continue on this path. Yes, for the last quarter of the year, the company is forecasting sales of $20 billion, up ±2% on this quarter. All these figures are available here.