Who sells the most SSDs?


SSDs in all their forms have become an essential part of our technology products. In 2022, in a difficult market, it’s interesting to get an idea of the forces at work in this product category. And it’s Kingston that has maintained and even strengthened its position as market leader over the previous year. Kingston was initially known mainly for its RAM, but has gradually built up its position to become the leader in SSD sales in recent years.

Branded SSD module makers


If we had to give an explanation for Kingston’s success, it would first have to be the depth of its catalog. The company is able to address virtually the entire market with a highly diversified offering.

Kingston holds 28% of the SSD market…far ahead of the others.

With 28% of the market, Kingston has been way out in front for some time now. It’s a position that will be hard to shake, as the company is present not only in the low-cost segment, but also in highly technical and niche solutions. Highly responsive, Kingston’s teams are able to quickly launch the marketing of references with the latest specifications. Models such as the NV2 and the FURY Renegade have been highly successful.

Looking at the rest of the ranking, we also discover brands that are relatively discreet for the general public. Netac, Kimtigo and Teclast also manufacture for others… A strategy long pursued by Longsys Electronics Co, which has now decided to capitalize on a brand it has acquired: Lexar.