We’ve run out of battery power on the Corsair K65 Plus Wireless!


A few weeks ago, we presented our test of Corsair’s latest wireless mechanical keyboard, the K65 Plus Wireless. As a reminder, this was a very interesting reference on paper, with its solid aluminum construction, meticulous design, PBT keys, several layers of soundproofing to limit noise and hot-swappable switches. We replaced them with Drop Holy Panda X switches at the end of the test.

In our keyboard test, we told you that the battery life of this K65 Plus Wireless was very attractive, with 266 hours claimed by Corsair. However, given the timeframe involved, we weren’t able to test this autonomy for ourselves. Today we have!

In fact, every day we tested and recorded the times we used this keyboard. To tell you the truth, we’ve been using it for several hours a day, without recharging, since last February 14, which doesn’t look bad on paper!

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

So, in the end, what did we find? Well, from February 14 to March 8 (last week), we reached a total usage of 97h25, or almost 100 hours. That’s a far cry from the 266 hours we’d claimed. However, it should be pointed out that for the first part of the test, we used it with multicolor RGB on, with lighting effects. After a while, to keep it on longer I guess, it ended up switching off all LEDs and lighting effects by itself.

In the meantime, to find out more about our full test, click here, and to see the technical data sheet on the brand’s website, click here.