USA restricts sales of AI equipment to the Middle East


With the United States, it’s one problem, one penalty. The U.S. government is indeed throwing a spanner in NVIDIA’s works. As with China, exports of AI products to Middle Eastern countries will be restricted.

Sales of AI chips restricted for Middle Eastern countries!

USA sanction IA EAU, Arabie Saoudite
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Once again, the Biden administration is taking steps to limit the export of hardware for artificial intelligence. This time, the US government is targeting Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

For some time now, these countries have been investing heavily in this field, acquiring large quantities (thousands) of H100 cards marketed by NVIDIA. As a reminder, these are particularly high-performance GPUs for this environment, with large amounts of memory on board. They are therefore designed for LLM(Large Language Model) models. Both nations have announced that they are working on this subject in cooperation with China.

However, the American government’s involvement is simply due to its fear of technology transfers to China. As it turns out, the two countries seem to get along quite well. What’s more, the artificial intelligence market is particularly buoyant in China, and estimates suggest that the country could well overtake the United States in this field within the next few years, giving them a technological advantage.


These new sanctions mean that new licenses will have to be acquired in order to benefit from this valuable hardware. We can therefore imagine that the greens will have to supply cards that comply with American requirements. Middle Eastern countries will have to make do with H800 and A800 GPUs… At least, we can only speculate. However, all this also applies to AMD.