Thor: Asus power supplies come with 12VHPWR PCIe connector


During the announcement of the 12th generation Core i, Asus also unveiled new power supplies. With its next-generation Thor power supplies, the brand is announcing blocks with a new power connector, the PCIe 12 VHPWR. In fact, we talked to you about the latter here.

Thor: Asus blocks compatible with the new PCIe 5.0 slot!

Asus ThorAs a reminder, this new standard was spotted earlier this month and its purpose is simple: to offer a new connector delivering more watts. Currently, with 8-pin PCIe, the maximum that can be delivered is 150W. However, as GPU performance increases, so does power consumption. Rather than offering a bunch of connectors, the goal is to provide 600W via a single socket. This saves space and avoids the hassle of multiplying cables.

Asus announces that these new blocks will be compatible with this new connector. Of course, we can expect that the PCIe we all know will still be part of the game! It would be a shame to remove them when they are so widely used nowadays.

As far as Asus blocks are concerned, we find three very powerful references. The brand offers us a Titanium block of 1600> and two others in Platinum in 1200W and 1000W. Again, we expect to have fully modular cables with main connectors sheathed strand by strand. Finally, there will be a small OLED display indicating the power consumed by the system.

As for the availability, the deployment of these blocks would start from mid-November. A more reasonable model of 850W would arrive in the first quarter of 2022. Of course, we would be entitled to a big 10-year warranty!