Thermaltake declines its SWAFAN RGB in white !


After launching its SWAFAN EX, Thermaltake comes back to its SWAFAN RGB with a white version. As a reminder, these are the first Thermaltake fans to offer reversible blades. These last ones facilitate the maintenance while improving the aesthetic side by hiding the blades at the back of the fan !

SWAFAN RGB : Thermaltake launches a white version of its fans!

Thermaltake SWAFAN RGB BlancIn the program, we find a fan that comes in 120 mm or 140 mm with a standard thickness of 25 mm. Otherwise, visually, Thermaltake clearly emphasizes the aRGB part with a double light ring on the frame. Moreover, this lighting is also present on the central hub. Finally, the frame offers silentblocks to reduce parasitic vibrations.

The connection is made via a proprietary nine-pin connector that will be connected to a control box. The latter will connect to the motherboard via a USB 2.0 header. For the time being, the box will be useful for the management of lighting and speed. By the way, speaking of speed, in 120 mm, the fans will run from 500 rpm to 2000 rpm. The rest of the sheet mentions:

  • Standard blades:
    • Airflow: 53.02 CFM
    • Static pressure: 2.58 mmH2O
  • Inverted blades :
    • Airflow: 54.85 CFM
    • Static pressure: 2.19 mmH2O

In 140 mm, the fan will operate at the same speed, however, it will push harder and generate a higher air flow:

  • Standard blades:
    • Airflow: 77.06 CFM
    • Static pressure: 3.12 mmH2O
  • Inverted blades :
    • Airflow: 71.3 CFM
    • Static pressure: 2.59 mmH2O

Regarding the price, you can find them in a pack of three on Amazon. The bill is between $109 for the EX12 and $119 for the EX14.

Here is the technical data sheet of Thermaltake !