Thermalright switches to Asetek 8th Gen for its Frozen Guardian 360 AIO


Thermalright also opts for Asetek-based solutions. Indeed, the brand unveils its Frozen Guardian 360, a new all-in-one watercooling kit. The latter is based on an 8th-generation pump from the Danish company.

Frozen Guardian 360: a Thermalright AIO based on an 8th-generation Asetek kit!

Thermalright Ice Guard 360 - Asetek 8e GenAs you can see, the kit comes in two colors: black and white. As you can see, this is an 8th-generation Asetek base, as can be seen from the pump mounting brackets. These are the same as on ASUS Ryuo240/360 kits.

Otherwise, on top of the pump, we can see an IPS LCD screen. The latter features a 2.88″ diagonal, 480×480 display. Brightness is 450 nits. Of course, via the brand’s software, we can choose to display system info, jpegs or gifs, and even videos in H.264 at 60 fps.

Thermalright Frozen Guardian 360

Ventilation is provided here by a trio of TL-K12 aRGB mills running at up to 2150 rpm. Air flow reaches 69 CFM at a static pressure of 2.87 mmH2O.

On the price side, expect to pay around $219.

Click here for the Thermalright product sheet!