Ryuo III: Asus AIO in 240 and 360 mm!


New series of watercooling kits from Asus which announces the arrival of its Ryuo III. On the menu, the AIO in 240 mm and 360 mm, the Asetek pump of new generation and a panel composed of customizable mini-LED!

Ryuo III: AIOs with the brand’s AniMe system!

Asus Ryuo IIIFor the occasion, Asus announces its new all-in-one watercooling kits based on an 8th generation Asetek pump. These are the first kits using this new pump. There are some changes, especially in the cold plate which becomes square and offers a larger contact surface. The same goes for the mounting system, which seems to have evolved.

The pump block has a new look with an AniMe Matrix display. It is a matrix made of several LEDs that can be customized via the brand’s software suite. Otherwise, we will notice an aluminum pump cover with a knurled pattern for more style. Clearly, the finish seems very neat, especially since the radiator is square and has a ROG logo on its side. Is Asetek finally taking care of its radiators?

Asus Ryuo III

As for the ventilation, the brand equips its products with two or three AF 12S aRGB fans. If the characteristics are the same as for the Ryujin II if the characteristics are the same as for the AF 12S aRGB, we should have mills operating at up to 2200 RPM. The air flow would reach 70.07 CFM and the static pressure would rise to 3.88 mmH2O.

Finally, it only remains to see the selling price. Unfortunately, with Asus, we have to expect to pay a lot of money, as the brand is known for its above-average prices.