RTX 5090 finally equipped with GDDR7?


@kopite7kimi, on Twitter, quickly returns to this story of the future RTX 5090, or at least its characteristics. According to him, the card could well be equipped with a GDDR7 memory chip.

RTX 5090: GDDR7 memory, towards 1.5 TB/s bandwidth?

RTX 5090

Of course, the following are only rumors, and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, taking into account the latest developments in memory, it’s not impossible that the future 5090 will exploit GDDR7 memory. At least, that’s what the leaker suggests.

Now, via VideoCardz, we learn that Micron will be offering this type of chip in its catalog by the end of the year. If we assume speeds of 32 Bbps, all on a 384-bit memory bus, as is currently the case for the 4090, this gives us a theoretical memory bandwidth of 1.5 TB/s. This represents a 50% increase on the current 4090! Nevertheless, we can expect slower memory, and therefore lower bandwidth. Let’s just say it’s a case of all the planets aligning.

Otherwise, for the GPU configuration itself, the latter could accommodate up to 192 SMs, i.e. a total of 24567 cuda cores. Once again, this is the chip’s theoretical maximum configuration. It should be noted that, in practice, the RTX 4090 itself does not operate a full GPU. In fact, of the 144 SMs that make up the AD102, only 128 are active, i.e. 16,384 cuda cores out of a total of 18,432.

Now, as for its launch, obviously we can expect it to arrive in the second half of 2024. The expected launch window would be around the launch of the architecture in the professional sector… But, once again, this is to be taken with a pinch of salt!