Samsung Foundry increases its prices


Samsung Foundry is very ambitious and has been aggressive in offering solutions against TSMC. The maker of the GPUs for the RTX 3000 explains in a recent financial conference with its investors that its customers will now have to pay more to access its capabilities. samsung foundry

Samsung’s current manufacturing capacity is already being sold to its partners (including Nvidia) at standard prices negotiated before the chip shortage began. However, the growth in demand is forcing the company to make a significant investment to increase its capacity and remain competitive with TSMC. The upcoming price increase for its customers is intended to speed up the process of obtaining financing for its new facility in Pyeongtaek. This Fab will produce 5nm and 4nm chips. This increase should not affect the current RTX 3000 range or the refresh scheduled for the next few months. This contract has already been negotiated and signed.

A price increase at all founders

Going forward, “Samsung’s foundry will accelerate its growth by increasing the capacity of the Pyeongtaek S5 line and adjusting prices to accommodate future investment cycles.” Pyeongtaek is one of Samsung’s most modern foundries and can produce second-generation 5nm and first-generation 4nm products. Samsung is not alone in its decision to raise prices. The two Taiwanese foundries have long since changed their business policies when tensions began to build. TSMC would have first stopped giving discounts to its long-term customers, as was the custom in the industry. UMC also raised some of its prices last year.