Ryzen X3Ds have the wind in their sails on MindFactory


We’re heading for Germany, to MindFactory, which has always been transparent about its sales. In week 31 of the year (July 31 to August 6), we learn that AMD processors have been on a roll, especially the Ryzen X3Ds. So much so that the first Intel processor to appear in the top 10 is the 13600KF, and it shows up… In tenth place!

Ryzen X3D very popular at MindFactory!

MindFactory vente AMD vs Intel - Ryzen X3D

TechEpiphany has compiled the merchant’s sales figures on Twitter. Thanks to him, we learn that 3,385 AMD processors were sold, compared with 1,070 for Intel. Last week, shares of red processors accounted for 75.98 t, generating €940,920 in sales for the store. Intel’s share was €338,814.

In detail, Ryzen X3Ds remain well ahead of the pack, with the 7800X3D accounting for 550 sales versus 480 for the 5800X3D. In third place we find the 5700X with 270 sales. Unfortunately for Intel, its processors don’t seem to be very popular with dealers, as 150 units of the Core i5 13600KF were sold. This is the first blue CPU to appear in the ranking… And in tenth position only.

MindFactory vente AMD vs Intel cartes mères

Inevitably, this Ryzen 5000 craze has an impact on motherboard sales. As you can see, the AM4 is still very popular with consumers, and MindFactory was selling 2,240 AMD boards, including 1,420 AM4s. The AM5, on the other hand, had a much harder time of it, with only 820 sales, torpedoed by its still-high price, especially when compared with the AM4. On the Intel side, the LGA-1700 posted better figures than the new Reds platform, with 910 sales.

Finally, TechEpiphany also reports that the best-selling AM4 card is still the MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus. In AM5, it’s the MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk WiFi, while the Gigabyte B760 Gaming X DDR4 is Intel’s best-selling LGA-1700 board.

Of course, these are just MindFactory’s figures.