RX 6600 : Biostar offers us its customized version !


For its part, the brand Biostar announces a new graphics card with its own version of the RX 6600. On the program, we have the right to a rather compact model with two fans. For this type of GPU, no need for more!

RX 6600 : Biostar’s custom version is coming !

Biostar RX 6600 GamingWith this model, the brand presents a very basic card. Indeed, the heatsink is very simple with its two fans. As you can see, the heatsink is also very simple since it consists of a block of aluminum in which are machined large fins. By the way, the card does not have RGB lighting either.

Regarding the frequencies, as for the other RX 6600s we talked about on the site this one also runs at the reference frequencies of AMD. This translates into a GPU boost reaching 2491 MHz with a frequency of 14 Gbps for the 8 GB of GDDR6.

The brand offers a card with an HDMI output that is complemented by three DisplayPort. For the power supply part, we have the right to a single 8-pin PCIe… At least, we suppose so, the brand’s sheet does not mention this aspect.

Now, it remains to be seen what this will mean in terms of price with the current situation. However, we should not expect to have a card charged under 500 €. At least not if it’s like Asus or Gigabyte !

Here is the Biostar datasheet!