RX 6000: Humidity, a potential cause of death for cards!


Obviously, the RX 6000 from AMD do not like humidity very much. At least, this is what KrisFix working in a service center. Indeed, for some time, the return rate of AMD cards was important. The problem would come from bad storage conditions!

RX 6000’s victim of bad storage conditions = death!

AMD RX 6000Faced with this increase in return rates, KrisFix decided to investigate the possible cause of death of these cards. At first, he blamed the drivers since all his customers seemed to use the same version… But it soon turned out that this was not the case.

Then, he wondered if the cause was not related to the use… But as each customer seemed to use his card in a different way, it was not easy to find a cause and effect link.

Finally, KrisFix made the connection that the cards came from the same place. They were, in fact, models that were used for mining and stored in the same warehouse. Apparently the storage conditions were so bad that the GPUs were eaten away by moisture. In use, this led to a cracking of the chip, in short, not pretty.