RTX 5880 Ada: a “hole-in-the-wall” card?


NVIDIA is working on a new graphics card, the RTX 5880 Ada Generation. This model would simply fill the “gap” left between the RTX 6000 Ada and RTX 5000 Ada.

RTX 5880 Ada: filling the gap between RTX 6000 Ada and 5000 Ada?


This model could not be more official, as it is clearly mentioned in the company’s latest changelog. The card can be seen in the ” New Features ” section:

  • Added support for NVIDIA RTX 5880 Ada Generation GPU.

Unfortunately, while the card is named, nothing is said about its configuration. However, it’s reasonable to assume that the card will fit somewhere between the RTX 6000 Ada and the 5000 Ada.

As a reminder, the 6000 Ada features an AD102 GPU, the most complete currently available on the market. In fact, of its 144 SM, only two are disabled. This contributes to its muscular characteristics: 18,176 cuda cores out of a maximum of 18,432. On the memory side, we have twice as much VRAM as on an RTX 4090: 48 GB in 384-bit. Memory bandwidth is 960 GB/s, thanks to a frequency of 20 Gbps.

With regard to the 5000 Ada, we have a card that also has an AD102 GPU, but it’s more neutered. It only has 12,800 cuda core via 100 active SM. Memory is also less abundant: 32 GB, while the bus is also more restricted at 256 bits.

In the end, the 5880 could be an in-between version with more active SMs than the 5000 Ada. It remains to be seen what its memory configuration will be.