6800 for an RTX 6000 with 18176 cuda core and 48 GB VRAM


NVIDIA launches its RTX 6000 Ada Generation, which is now available for purchase. As a reminder, with this card, we clearly have a card intended for professional use. Finally, this model exploits an almost complete AD102 GPU!

The RTX 6000 Ada Generation is priced at $6800!

NVIDIA RTX 4000 Ada GenerationOn the program, NVIDIA launches a new generation pro card. Indeed, this card uses an almost complete AD102 GPU. Out of the 144 SM that make up the chip, only two are disabled. This model embeds a total of 18176 cuda core. For comparison, the RTX 4090 also uses an AD102 GPU, but more neutered since 16 SM are disabled. On the other hand, there is no difference in frequency: both cards are capable of reaching 2.5 GHz in boost.

In terms of memory, as a pro card, we have a massive amount of memory with no less than 48 GB of VRAM. However, this memory is a little slower than the RTX 4090 since it works at 20 Gbps instead of 21 Gbps of its GeForce rival! On the other hand, we are dealing with ECC memory.

Finally, concerning the theoretical performance, this card can reach 91.1 TFLOP in FP32. On their side, the RT Core show 210.6 TFLOP while the Tensor Core are at 1457 TFLOP.

Moreover, the card has a maximum power consumption of 300W and uses a 12VHPWR power connector located at the back of the fairing. As for the cooling system, as we can see, we are dealing with a blower. Keep in mind that the card is intended for professional use and will take place in workstations. And unlike the RTX 4090 Blower this model consumes less power and the heatsink is probably better built!

For the price, you will have to count $6800 !