RTX 4090: the euro/dollar exchange rate pushes up the card’s price!


If you’re looking to buy an RTX 4090, now may not be the right time. In fact, the card’s price is on the rise. Compared to March’s price of €1,769.00, the card is currently listed at €1,799.00 on NVIDIA’s website!

The euro/dollar exchange rate weighs on the RTX 4090’s selling price!

NVIDIA RTX 4090 prix octobre 2023

If you’ve heard somewhere that NVIDIA has increased the selling price of its card, you’re wrong. Yes, if the price of the 4090 has risen, it’s simply due to the currency exchange rates that affect its price. Given that exchanges are carried out in dollars, to pay for your card as cheaply as possible, you need a strong euro. Conversely, when the euro weakens, the price of the card increases.

This can be easily verified by checking the card price on NVIDIA’s US store. Across the Atlantic, the invoice is $1599, the official launch price. Clearly, it’s not NVIDIA that decides whether to raise or lower the price of its model!

At present, you’re looking at around $1.055 for €1, where the exchange rate was more favorable to the European currency last March. At that time, it was trading at $1.09 to €1, so the bill was lower. That’s why the price of the card has gone up, to €1,799.00.

Cours de la RTX 4090

Once again, it’s difficult to predict what the euro/dollar trend will be in the months ahead. Lots of factors can influence prices, such as central bank decisions, the geoponic situation (which is quite catastrophic) and so on. However, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the €1600 card any time soon, unfortunately.