RTX 4090 officially priced at €1,819 at NVIDIA


Via CowCotland, we learn that the RTX 4090 FE is undergoing a small price drop on the official NVIDIA store. Indeed, the card goes to 1 819,00 € while it was listed at 1 859,00 € a few days ago. A promo from the greens? We don’t think so.

RTX 4090 FE victim of the euro/dollar?

RTX 4090 FE prix

If we go to the official NVIDIA store, we notice that the 4090 FE (for Founders Edition) is now priced at €1,819.00. Of course, on a base of more than €1,800, it’s not the drop of the century, but it’s still a €40 gain. In any case, we don’t think it’s a promotion from the greens.

In our opinion, this small drop is mainly linked to the variations of the euro/dollar which has a huge impact on the price of imported products… Even graphic cards. So, since last week, the euro has started a slight rebound that gives more weight to the common currency. A week ago, the exchange rate was $1.05 for 1 €, while yesterday it was $1.0728 for 1 €.

Cours euro/dollars 15/03/2023

This drop in the price of the card seems to correspond to this small revival of the euro. But beware, it may not last considering the curve that seems to be taking shape… Too bad.