RTX 4090 Matrix at over $8000 in China!


A little trip to China, where ASUS has decided to launch the RTX 4090 Matrix. As a reminder, this is an exceptional model, featuring custom cooling and a redesigned PCB. However, this series is all about performance, performance and performance. If this board normally commands a colossal price, wait until you see the final bill!

RTX 4090 Matrix: over $8000 in China!

Asus RTX 4090 MatrixThe RTX 4090 Matrix is the Holy Grail of graphics cards for enthusiasts. With this model, Asus has opted for a unique design and an in-house liquid heatsink. The latter promises to be efficient, thanks to its 360 mm heatsink. What’s more, the PCB has been redesigned, and the card looks pretty playful when overclocked. It was thanks to this card that Splave broke the frequency record for a graphics card!

However, as you know from our news, the situation in China is not new. The country is currently under US sanctions, prohibiting the export of RTX 4090s to China.

Nevertheless, just before the ban came into force, Asus decided to launch the card there. Although the recommended retail price is 23,000 yuan, or around $3,155, in reality, this is not respected at all. In fact, the stores that list the card sell it for 59,999 yuan, or over $8,200.

RTX 4090 Matrix Chine

The reason behind all this is the craze surrounding the card before the sanctions came into force. The Chinese rushed to buy cards before they could no longer afford them. Inevitably, with demand far outstripping supply, prices are skyrocketing!