RTX 4090 in China: the end!


That’s it, the RTX 4090 in China is finished. In fact, the card’s ban has gone into effect, and to continue selling it, an export license must be obtained. In the meantime, the chameleon has removed all mention of the card from its Chinese website.

RTX 4090, the end in China!

In order to prevent, or even limit, China ‘s military development by exploiting American technologies, the USA prevents the export of certain technological products. These include graphics cards, but especially high-performance graphics cards. As a result, anything with a certain performance density or level will have to be exported. Under certain conditions, export can take place with or without a license.

RTX 4090

In the case of the RTX 4090, a license will be required to sell the card in the Middle Kingdom. In the meantime, the sanctions have come into force and NVIDIA is simply removing the card from its website.

But not the RTX 6000 Ada

However, the RTX 6000 Ada still appears to be available on the Chinese branch of NVIDIA’s website. This seems strange, especially when you consider what the card is made of. In fact, it also features an AD102 GPU, albeit with 142 out of 144 active SMs. The number of cuda cores is impressive at 18,176.

Sanction US RTX 6000 ADA

In itself, this is a card whose GPU is even more complete than that of the RTX 4090. Surprisingly, the card is still listed on the brand’s website. From this, we can assume that it’s because the brand (or its partners) still has some stock. On the other hand, we wonder whether NVIDIA has applied for a license to continue selling these cards. It remains to be seen where this model fits into the sanction criteria.