RTX 4090, 4080 and 4070 in stock for at least two months?


This is a stunning piece of information that is being repeated by several sources. Please consider that at this moment, we are still at the stage of rumor. The RTX 4090, 4080 and 4070 are said to be in production for the most part and have been in stock for almost 2 months in warehouses. According to information from Taiwan, in early July, the AIB (Nvidia’s partner brands) would have received the chips from the green. After the usual tests and procedures, the Chinese assembly platforms of the main brands already had several units in stock during the first week of August. This unprecedented delay of Nvidia would be clearly caused by the overflow of stock of RTX 30 on the market. The situation would have forced Nvidia to postpone its launch by almost a quarter. Indeed, initially, the RTX 4090 would have been scheduled for August, the RTX 4080 for September and the RTX 4070 for October. This schedule would have allowed the RTX 4060 to arrive just in time for Christmas… We now know that it will not be the case.

RTX 4090 80 and 70 in the fridge in stock waiting for the cleaning of RTX 30 ?

RTX 4090 stock
These RTX 4090 would be already in a stock since August?

Worse, Nvidia will launch a last round of promotions to liquidate its stocks because despite prices sometimes lower than the launch offers, the market does not take off. But AMD seems ready to come out of the woodwork and this is what will force Nvidia to officially launch its range in the next few days. The RTX 40s presented will then be available almost immediately, with the controversy concerning the two models of RTX 4080, one with 16 GB and the other with 12 GB … this last model with a smaller VRAM size could precisely be a RTX 4070.