RGB on ASRock motherboards synchronized via Windows


ASRock is the first manufacturer to take a step towards universal RGB. In fact, the brand has released a new firmware in Beta phase, enabling RGB lighting on its motherboards to be synchronized via Windows 11!

RGB on ASRock motherboards synchronized via Windows!

ASRock RGB Windows 11

When you want to build a PC with several different brands, synchronizing the different RGB systems is a real nightmare. You often end up downloading fifty different utilities, only to find that nothing works. The result is a real waste of time…

Fortunately, Microsoft’s Windows 11 offers a universal system for synchronizing different devices in the same place (we told you about it here)… A commendable initiative, but only if manufacturers are willing to support it.

That’s what the Taiwanese manufacturer seems to be doing, with a new firmware in Beta phase. Thanks to this new firmware, you’ll be able to take advantage of your motherboard’s luminous lighting via the Windows utility. For this, you’ll also need Windows 11 version 23H2.

Of course, other manufacturers now need to get on board too. Clearly, this would make life easier for many users, and avoid many problems of incompatibility or software taking precedence over a component.

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