Universal RGB control via Windows 11 Dynamic Lighting!


When assembling a multi-brand PC, the hardest part is not necessarily the assembly, but the RGB part behind it. If you opt for a Gigabyte motherboard, you install the Gigabyte software. But if you have RAM or a Corsair AIO, you install iCUE, then Armoury Crate if you have an Asus graphics card, and so on. In the end, you’ve got fifty pieces of software installed and you’re eating up GB on your SSD. Worst of all, after all that, nothing works, between incompatibilities and unsynchronized lighting… A fine waste of time. Fortunately, Microsoft is working on its Dynamic Lighting Solution, which will be directly integrated into Windows 11.

Dynamic Lighting Solution: centralized RGB control!

Windows 11 Dynamic Lightning SolutionVia a post on the Windows blog, we learn that the product manager of the Windows & Devices section has announced his own solution. This will enable direct management of lighting for IT components from within the system. More precisely, it would be a feature directly integrated into Windows settings.

For the time being, the solution is not yet ready, as it will be deployed in a preliminary manner to members of the Windows Insider program this month. By then, we’ll have a better idea of how it works. It’s also worth remembering that the success of this feature will also depend on the cooperation of the various market players. If a Razer, an Asus, or an MSI refuses, we’re good to go and install the software of the brand in question.