Review : ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming Wifi D4


In the last few weeks, we have offered several tests of ROG motherboards, including the ROG Maximus Z790 APEX, ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme, ROG Crosshair X670E Gene and ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme, models that have the particularity of being compatible with DDR5 memory. If the switch to the AM5 socket at AMD forces users to go DDR5, at Intel, the Z790 and B760 chipset still allow you to enjoy your DDR4 memory kit. That’s why we’re going to test of the ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming Wifi D4 and at the end of the week, test the ROG Strix B760-A Gaming Wifi D4.

We will be able to judge the performance obtained with DDR4 memory and the difference between these two chipsets. As a reminder, the Z790-A D4 version is currently priced at $343 and the B760-A D4 version at $239.

Thanks to Asus for making these two samples available.