[LABO] The ROG RYUJIN III waterblock


ASUS France is offering us a little exclusivity with the arrival of the new ROG RYUJIN III waterblock. We mentioned it last week in our newsflash, when a few photos appeared on the web. And now, a few days later, a sample of this waterblock has arrived in our lab. Our thanks to ASUS France for their responsiveness and for thinking of us to review it.

This block is part of the ROG (Republic Of Gamers) series, and looks exactly like the one fitted to the ROG RYUJIN III 360 ARGB cooling system. Here, you’ll be able to purchase just the waterblock to design your own customized cooling loop. The box measures 200 x 120 x 120 mm. The front features an illustration of the block, while the back lists the available bundle.

ASUS has paid particular attention to the packaging of this ROG RYUJIN III waterblock, with an original opening that directly reveals the main element: the cooling system for your processor! The first thing that catches the eye is the customizable 3.5″ color LCD screen.

Once the ROG RYUJIN III waterblock has been removed, the various elements of the bundle are revealed, starting with fittings for 16 mm rigid tubes and 90° rotary adapters. You’ll no doubt be able to use adapters for flexible tubing, although these are not supplied as standard. It’s a shame not to have a choice of end caps. It remains to be seen whether ASUS will offer other components in the future, enabling you to design a custom loop and therefore other earmolds.

The rest of the bundle consists of the various components needed to attach your waterblock to the motherboard. The ROG RYUJIN III waterblock is compatible with LGA-1700, LGA-1200, LGA-115x and AMD AM5 and AM4 sockets.

Waterblock design :

No surprises when it comes to the waterblock design if you’re familiar with RYUJIN AIO ROGs. The dimensions of the block are 89 x 89 x 107 mm. The part in contact with the processor is a waterblock/pumpcombo, but we don’t know the characteristics of the latter, apart from the fact that it’s manufactured by Asetek. The base is in copper and benefits from a pre-applied thermal pad.

The top part can be unclipped to reveal the fan located on top of the pump, whose role is to provide air circulation to the radiators of the power supply stage, the M.2 SSD and the first memory stick. This is why the plastic casing is perforated, allowing air to pass through.

As we close this presentation of the ROG RYUJIN III waterblock, we still have no information on its price or availability in France. The only information we do know is the 3-year warranty. See you soon to discover the performance of this waterblock!


Petite exclu avec ce waterblock ROG RYUJIN III ❤️ Vous pourrez ainsi monter votre propre boucle de refroidissement liquide custom ! Merci à @ROG France pour ce sample. #watercooling #custom #rog #ryujin #ryujiniii #refroidissement #liquide #asus #pc #cooling #gaming @ASUS @ASUSBENELUX @ASUS Deutschland @ASUS BRASIL ROG

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