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Review : Phanteks G360A



We are now at the end of our test of the G360A from Phanteks. So, good case or not? We tell you everything!

Be careful with the assembly!

If we don’t really have any criticism to make concerning the design, the finishing or the choice of materials, it is on the assembly part that we will be more fussy. Indeed, some small details that could have been avoided bother us. We think of the too narrow openings on the top of the motherboard slot in particular. To pass the ESP12V connector, it will be necessary to think of splitting the 4+4 pins in two.

The same goes for the rivets on the expansion slots that are too prominent. If you have a motherboard with a shield on the audio part, it is not impossible that you have to remove the central stud of the motherboard tray. In doing so, you will be able to take advantage of a small gap to screw in your component.

Otherwise, when wiring, you will have to take care of the storage units present in the HDD cage first. The connectivity naturally goes in front of it, so it could be complicated if you end up with this element.

Good airflow, but beware of the noise!

However, the G360A has the advantage of offering a controlled airflow thanks to its three front fans and its mesh front. All this contributes to controlled temperatures, both for the processor and the graphics card. By the way, topping up the ventilation will be optional, unless you want to look for the last few degrees.

However, the downside of all this is a clearly low sound insulation. If you have a noisy graphics card or AIO/cooler , you should know that the case will not attenuate the noise, if at all. Especially since at full speed, the three fans are audible. Fortunately, they can be easily regulated to relieve our delicate ears.

The RGB is managed from the front!

We’ll finish quickly by saying a few words about the ventilation lighting, which can be managed from buttons. If you have an old configuration, this is an element to take into account since the lighting can be controlled via two buttons placed on the control panel. This is always an interesting feature to note.


Officially, Phanteks launched its G360A at a price of 99.99 €, unfortunately, it is available at a higher price at our retailers. It will cost about 110 € at Top Achat or 130 € at LDLC (…). However, at this price, we have the right to a case rather well positioned if we consider its mesh front and its three RGB fans. Very often, the competition does not manage to offer as many fans or without lighting.

Phanteks G360A:

We liked:
  • The nice design of this model
  • The RGB lighting management from the front panel
  • E-ATX compatibility for a 100 € box
  • Velcro strips for easy wiring
  • The temperatures are well controlled!
  • The absence of constraint on the air flow
  • Well studied price
We liked less :
  • The poor accessory part
  • The rather catastrophic sound insulation..
  • … And the ventilation clearly audible at full speed
  • The not very large openings above the motherboard
  • The cables that naturally pass in front of the HDD cage, be careful when wiring
  • The prominent rivets at the level of the expansion slots: be careful with the motherboard!

Finally, we choose to award silver to this G360A from Phanteks. If this model is efficient on the thermal level, beware of the noise pollution and even more so of the almost non-existent sound insulation. In addition, there are a few small defects, such as prominent rivets that can hinder the mounting of the motherboard for example. Fortunately, the invoice is also under control and we have some good ideas to save the day!

A big thank you to Phanteks!

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