Review : Phanteks G360A


Inside the G360A

Inside the G360A:

To get inside the case, you will have to remove the side panels first. These are simply held in place by two hand screws that will remain in place.


Like the H7 Flow tested recently, we find a chassis that could not be more classic. Indeed, the power supply will be placed under the motherboard slot, which can accommodate models in mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX and E-ATX formats. Although for this last format, we are limited to 28 cm width.

Nevertheless, the chassis has many openings around the motherboard tray. At the top, there are already two, and at the bottom, there are two openings for the power supply cover. However, it is on the right side that there are the most openings: five. We can easily pass our cables to connect the various elements of the configuration.

Storage Locations:

When it comes to storage, this G360A won’t particularly pull its weight as we find a usual configuration. At the back of the motherboard tray, we have two 2.5″ slots for SSDs or 2.5″ hard disks. We even notice that a third slot is available, provided that the support is purchased separately.

Finally, under the power tunnel, we find an HDD cage with two 2.5″/3.5″ compatible baskets. We also notice that they allow a “Tool less” mounting which is visible thanks to the small side latches.

Power supply location:

Phanteks G360A emplacement alimentation

Under the power supply cover is the location of the power supply unit. What we see just above are the ventilation grid allowing the block to breathe and the small foam pads to accommodate the latter.

Regarding the dimensions, the G360A can accept ATX standard power supplies with a depth of 220 mm. To go beyond that, 280 mm being the maximum, you will have to remove the hard disk cage placed right in front of it!

Cooling capabilities:

The Phanteks case comes with a rather interesting ventilation since it has three fans in 120 mm. The latter are present at the level of the front. They are actually three 120SK D-RGB, mills with a lighting system at the central hub. At full speed (1500 RPM), the air flow will reach 50 CFM and the static pressure will rise to 0.96 mmH2O.

If you wish, you can also complete the ventilation via three 120 mm slots in the top and one in the back. For 140 mm fans, we are limited to four slots: 2x in the front, 2x in the top.

For watercooling, all this translates into a radiator support in 360 mm max in the front and in the top. Nevertheless, beware of the thickness of the latter. We have tested an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 (63 mm fans + radiator) and it fits so tightly that we do not recommend it.

And for an aircooler, you can turn to solutions of 162 mm in height at most

The bundle:

Phanteks G360A Bundle


As for the accessories, what do we find?

  • Assembly instructions
  • An instruction in case of problems: contact Phanteks directly
  • A bag containing the screws
  • Six nylon collars

The accessory part remains very simple and only contains the essentials for the assembly. It’s a pity, we would have appreciated to have the third plate for SSDs in particular.

Velcro strips:

Phanteks G360A velcros

In absolute terms, this reference from Phanteks remains quite simple, but still offers cabling assistance. These take the form of velcro strips placed in a gutter towards the front of the case. We will see during the assembly if these are effective or not!

In summary:

Phanteks G360A

In general, Phanteks offers us a classic case with a chassis that we have seen and seen again and the accessory part does not present anything extraordinary. Finally, it will put forward a velcro system to help with the assembly. So we just have to see how the assembly of a configuration is done and what the temperatures will be.