Review : Phanteks G360A


Lately, metal mesh is coming back in force on our PC cases. It must be said that this material is always more breathable than a glass plate placed just in front of the front fans. Phanteks has understood that since it is this type of material that the brand offers with its G360A, the latest case from the brand.

We received the white version and we will give you our opinion on this new model. Let’s get started!

Phanteks G360A

G360A exterior:

With its new case, Phanteks offers us a reference in medium tower format. This translates into dimensions of 200 (W) x 455 (D) x 465 (H) mm. So we are dealing with a relatively compact model with dimensions similar to those of a Level 20 MT from Thermaltake. As for the weight, it is also rather light with 6.5 kg on the scale. It will not be difficult to receive the package.

In terms of design, we recognize the Eclipse series from Phanteks with its characteristic trapezoidal front panel. In addition, the latter displays a “U” shaped molding that brings a little eccentricity to the whole. The mesh that makes up this front panel also makes it possible to distinguish the fans placed just behind it and therefore the RGB lighting once the machine is turned on.

Finally, the choice of materials is steel for the chassis itself and mesh for the front panel. Otherwise, the side panel is made of tempered glass while the feet are made of plastic.

Control panel:

Phanteks G360A panneau de contrôle

The control panel of this G360A takes place on top of the case. As you can see, the various buttons and connectors that make it up are positioned lengthwise. We find moreover :

  • A button to choose the lighting mode of the RGB
  • One button to choose the color of the RGB
  • Two USB 3.0 type A ports
  • One 3.5″ headset/mic combo jack
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Phanteks G360A dessous

Under the case, we find the usual scheme with a power supply placed at the back. We can recognize the location thanks to the black dust filters. Unfortunately, for cleaning, you’ll have to turn your PC to access the filter… Too bad it’s not as easy as on the P120 Crystal from Antec for example.

Otherwise, we note the presence of four plastic feet with a foam coating. The advantage of this is that when mounting, the case can be easily slid onto a table, unlike a rubber coating.

Back :

Phanteks G360A arrière

The rear of the G360A has the usual layout with the motherboard I/O shield slot on the top left. Right next to it, we have a honeycombed grill that allows for the installation of a fan to facilitate the extraction of hot air.

Just below are seven openwork expansion slots held in place by hand screws. We also notice that they are secured by a small removable metal plate.

Finally, at the very bottom, the large opening actually represents the power supply slot.


Phanteks G360A dessus

The top of the case is quite simple, not to say simplistic. There is nothing special here, except for a magnetic dust filter protecting the case. The latter betrays the presence of slots for additional fans.