Review: Intel Core i5-13500


Power consumption:

As for the power consumption tests, we did not modify anything and we wanted to know how our configuration would react by default. Basically, we installed the CPU and loaded the XMP profile. Then we did our various readings and benchmarks.

Regarding the power consumption, we used the Cinebench R23 benchmark. We are here on multi thread. The idea is to measure the average consumption of our different processors. Be careful, this is a global consumption of the configuration. Currently, we are not yet able to measure independently and correctly the CPU consumption, but it is in progress. We still have some points to optimize in order to be fully convinced of the accuracy of our readings.

While the Ryzen 7000s left us with an excellent impression regarding their power consumption, our i5-13500 reached an average of 250 watts during a Cinebench R23 multithreaded run. On this point, AMD is doing much better but it is quite logical when you know that our i5-13500 has 14 cores. Despite this, we would have liked to see a more controlled consumption.

Remember that this is the average power consumption of our configuration and that we only use the processor. Our NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti is at rest during this benchmark where only the processor is used at 100%.