Review – Elegoo Jupiter SE 6K


If is launching into 3D printer testing, it’s because we have an idea in mind for PC hardware. But let’s start by testing printers, and you’ll soon see what we want to do with them a little later 😉

Elegoo, a major player in the 3D printing industry, recently unveiled the Jupiter SE 6K resin printer, the little sister of the imposing Jupiter 6K . The aim? Lower costs, while retaining the heart of the Jupiter 6K. This new model, which favors high-volume construction, welcomes a series of enhancements designed to set a new standard in the resin printer market.

Resin 3D printers for the general public have been around for a few years now, and are available in all sizes. As printer manufacturers develop these printers, they are rapidly adding new features to make them easier to use and more accessible.

The Elegoo Jupiter SE is the latest large resin printer and dominates the brand’s Mars and Saturn range. This printer has been designed to be one of the best resin 3D printers in its class. The Elegoo Jupiter SE is currently available for €680 on the Elegoo website. Two years ago, the Jupiter 6K was released at a price of $1,300. As technology becomes more and more democratic, prices are rapidly becoming very affordable. For us, this is an indication that this “niche” is growing fast, and that it will soon collide with the PC world, to our delight!

With some small printers, you can expect to get better printing precision, if you look at the figures, but what about in reality?