Review: Dell Inspiron 14 plus




The Dell inspiron is not really intended for a very mobile use because of its muscular configuration. Nevertheless, it is a good compact laptop with a battery life that can go up to 10 hours. Regarding its performance, it is up to our expectations and maybe even more on the video game part. This extra power in this compact format is well cooled thanks to an efficient cooling solution.

Dell Inspiron 14 plus

As a reminder, the Dell Inspiron is priced at $1149.99 in the GeForce RTX™ 3050 version. Prices that have increased, but it is important to keep in mind that the memory can be upgraded to 40 GB and that the SSD can also be changed.

We liked:

  • The performance of the CPU
  • The performance of the GPU
  • The weight and the thinness of the chassis
  • The quality of the camera
  • The efficient cooling
  • The quality of the panel for photo use
  • The keyboard is pleasant to use
  • The autonomy for its performance

We would have liked :

  • A second USB C port
  • A less polished operating system

médaille award OMF or goldThe Dell Inspiron 14 plus is a new arrival in the Inspiron range from Dell. And for a first try, the result is more than successful. The performances are there with a good cooling in a compact format. Moreover, the configuration is upgradable on the RAM and the SSD. However, we regret the trackpad not very smooth and the finish of the plastic frame in front of the screen.