Review: Dell Inspiron 14 plus


Synthetic performances

Synthetic performance

The Dell Inspiron 14 plus is equipped with an Intel Alder Lake processor, the i7-12700H which is an H version, aimed at heavy applications. It requires however a better cooling and the autonomy can be impacted.

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - CPU Z

It has 6 performance cores boosting to 4.7 GHz and 8 efficiency cores at 3.5 GHz. The PL1 of the processor is 45W with a PL2 at 115W.

Cinebench R20 and R23

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - Cinebench R20

On cinebench R20, the 12700H scores 5026 points in multi-core and 663 points in single-core.

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - Cinebench R23

With the R23 version, we are on 13924 points in multi-core and 1748 points in single-core.

On both benchmarks, we are quite close to the performance of the i7-1280P on the MSI Stealth 17M. The 12700H and 1280P use the same core configuration but the 12700H has lower boots and a higher PL. So we also have a similar configuration to the Summit E14 also using a 1280P but showing lower performance.

Geekbench 5

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - Geekbench 5 In geekbench 5, the processor rises to 1713 points in single core and 11119 points in multi-core. Here too, we note a gap especially on the multi-core performance. This can also come from the ram configuration which is much faster on the Dell than on the MSI Summit.

3DMark CPU

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - 3Dmark CPU profile

On 3Dmark CPU, we are on 957 points in single core and 6680 in multi-core.

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Dell Inspiron 14 plus - AIDA

On the RAM and latency level, the DDR5-4800 in gear 2 goes up to more than 94 ns. The proposed speeds are about 64 GB/s for writing and 57 GB/s for reading and copying. These are lower throughputs but with better latency than the Summit E14. The processor shows very good performance despite the restrictions of the formfactor on cooling. The CPU will have no trouble performing all the tasks that are asked of it at low temperatures.

3DMark Fire Strike

On Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme, the RTX 3050 performs just under half as well as the RTX3060. This configuration will manage without difficulty to pull its weight for 3D tasks or video games.

3DMark Time Spy

Then, on Time Spy and Time Spy Extreme the gap remains the same with the RTX 3060 powering the Stealth 17M. Just like the CPU part, this Dell Inspiron 14 plus will be able to serve very well as a powerful back-up machine for heavy 3D tasks.