Review: Dell Inspiron 14 plus


Temperature and Power Consumption

Temperature and consumption

The temperatures measured during the tests were very high. On benchmarks like Cinebench R20 and R23 we reached 93 °C at the maximum. Once the fans were running the temperature dropped to 80 °C and then stagnated at 60 °C with the throttle. However, the PC remains quite cool at the chassis level. Both in idle and under load.

To cool the configuration, we have two fans on the back that suck in cool air and expel it in front of the screen and on the sides of the device.

Surface temperature in idle

The surface of the keyboard and trackpad stays under 30°C in idle, which is a good temperature.

Surface temperature under load

Under load this time, the surface of the keyboard and trackpad rises to almost 45°C in front of the screen and at the top right of the keyboard. Quite high temperatures, but the areas most in contact with the user remain around 30°C. To limit the heat, the Inspiron 14 plus has a swivel screen to raise the device. Skids are present to keep it stable and not to scratch it.


As for the battery, we have a PC with a 64Wh battery. Concerning the consumption, we oscillate between 8W and 20W with an average of 11W. The battery lasts about 8 hours in mixed use Photoshop, Internet, Office. And recharges in a little less than an hour.

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