Review: Dell Inspiron 14 plus


Screen measurement with probe

Measurements before calibration

We now move to the test of the panel and in order to know the colorimetric quality of this screen out of the box, we have made measurements of the screen. This one has been tested on DisplayCal following 51 color patches.

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - Avant calibration As we can see, the calibration is pretty good from the start, we have 7400K for 6500K expected, which is out of the specs. The delta E is contained to less than 1.31% average deviation and 2.31% at the maximum. As for brightness, it can go up to 350cd/m² with a contrast ratio around 1788:1. The gamut is :

  • 99,3 % of sRGB
  • 72.3 % of Adobe RGB
  • 74.6% of DCI P3

Measurements after calibration

The calibration of a screen is important for the creation of content but also for the comfort of use. For the calibration of my screens, I use DisplayCal in 6500K, 200 cd/m2 and an extended test pattern. For the settings we have :

  • Brightness: as is (approx. 200 cd/m²)
  • Black Level: as is (approx. 0.19 cd/m²)
  • White: as is
  • profile: sRGB
  • Test Pattern: Large test pattern – 778 patches

Here is what this screen looks like after calibration:

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - Après calibration Calibration via DisplayCal software results in an extremely accurate profile with an average deltaE of less than 0.45% and maximum of less than 1.15%. With these settings, the screen becomes almost perfect. Ideal for photo editing. Regarding the reflectance of the screen, we have a matte slab, a good choice for use in bright environments. The grain is very low or even invisible, the sharpness is also very good for photography.

Dell Inspiron 14 plus - reflexion ecran