Review: DDR5 SK Hynix A-die 32 GB 5600B dual rank


The last word

For this preview of the SK Hynix A-die memory, I hope we have regaled you. With its A-die chips, Hynix offers again the ” must have ” for overclocking enthusiasts. It goes without saying that for the upcoming AM5 platforms these dual rank A-die kits will be a wise choice to maximize performance because of the FCLK timing around 6000-6400 Mt/s.


Don’t miss the next test which will deal with the single rank A-die version, with which we have already passed the 8600 Mt/s mark in max freq test.

SK Hynix ddr5 A die 2x32 GB marque

DDR5 SK Hynix A-die 32 GB 5600B DR :

We liked:

  • The overclocking capabilities of a whole new level
  • The possibility to have 64 GB on a 2 dimm motherboard
  • The possible future good performances on the AM5 platform
  • The new streamlined PCB

We would have liked :

  • Hard to say..

This is my first platinum award test and the product tested deserves it. Because Hynix offers us with its new A-die chips a high frequency overclocking experience. The current M-die kits were the best in overclocking and reaching 7300C32 was already complicated in single rank. But here we do it in dual rank! Extreme overclocking aside, these upcoming 2×32 GB kits will be great allies for the upcoming AM5 platform.