Review: DDR5 SK Hynix A-die 32 GB 5600B dual rank


Settings in the bios:

Settings within the bios:

During these tests, I relearned how to overclock the DDR5 memory on this Z690 DARK KINGPIN. Starting with the CPU VDDQ setting, it was set to auto during these tests with the PMIC turbo mode on 3. But at the time of writing, another method was suggested to me, it is to put the PMIC turbo mode on auto and to set manually the VDDQ CPU. In both cases, you need one of the two options in auto for the motherboard to train.

Then we have the RAM voltage setting which cannot exceed the 1.435V mark. This is because the Renesas PMIC unlock is not yet available on Evga Z690 motherboards. SK Hynix ddr5 A die 2x32 GB VDD dimm Now we come to the IMC and its limitations. During my tests, it was impossible to play with the VDDQ CPU, only the VDD2 could be modified. A value of 1.3 V is enough for 7000 Mt/s CL32 but the 7200 Mt/s mark requires to raise it to 1.4 V. We also have the option to disable Ecore to relieve the BMI and go even higher.