Review: Corsair K65 Pro Mini



It’s high time we came to a conclusion about Corsair’s K65 Pro Mini. So, what did we think?


In the end, Corsair’s new keyboard corrects most of the shortcomings of the previous model (K65 RGB Mini). For example, the directional keys reappear at the bottom right of the keyboard. What’s more, they are permanent, so there’s no need to use a shortcut key. In use, I find this very practical. On top of that, the look is uncluttered, the RGB stands out well and can be customized with iCUE software.

With the K65 Pro Mini, the brand has added aluminum to the construction and an extra layer of soundproofing to make the keyboard very quiet. That’s great, especially if, like me, you tend to make a monster noise when typing. Despite all this, the K65 Pro Mini retains its detachable cable, double-injected PBT keys, reduced weight and space-saving format. We might simply quibble with the fact that the extra space button in the bundle is made of ABS rather than PBT. But, in the end, it’s nothing to write home about! Nonetheless, on the right-hand side of the keyboard, you’ll find a few macro keys that will come in handy on a daily basis.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini

How much does the K65 Pro Mini cost?

Corsair offers its K65 Pro Mini for 150 euros. Compared to the K65 RGB Mini, this means a saving of almost 20 euros. After all, the original model lacked the brand’s OPX switches and aluminum construction, and still features double-injected PBT keys. So it’s time to weigh up the pros and cons, and see if these additions are worth the extra 20 euros. For us, the pricing remains coherent for the time being.

Corsair K65 Pro Mini

We liked:

  • Its sleek look
  • Top-notch RGB
  • Premium materials (aluminum)
  • ICUE software as functional as ever
  • Detachable cable
  • Double-injection PBT keys
  • Low weight
  • Space-saving format saves desktop space
  • Additional keys in a bundle
  • Quiet keystrokes thanks to additional soundproofing layer
  • Consistent pricing

We didn’t like :

  • That the extra space key is made of PBT

médaille award OMF or gold

Today, as is often the case with Corsair, the brand offers us a very good mechanical keyboard in 65% format. This keyboard also corrects most of the “shortcomings” of the K65 RGB Mini. Here, we find quality aluminum construction, directional keys with no shortcuts, a clean, simple look, PBT keys, light weight and a space-saving format. In short, the K65 Pro Mini has everything going for it. Even so, the price is only 20 euros for a lot of extra features! For us, it’s gold!

Thank you Corsair!