Review: be quiet! Pure Loop 2 280


German brand be quiet! is delighting us today with the launch of a new series of all-in-one watercooling kits. The company is launching its AIO Pure Loop 2 kit series, following on from the first models we tested here. However, while the basic model remains unchanged, the brand is offering new fans in the company of its Pure Wings 3. For our part, we offer our conclusions on the 280 mm model.

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 280


With this series of kits, the brand offers us an AIO that comes in several radiator sizes. We start small with a 120 mm model, then work our way up to 240 mm, 280 mm and 360 mm for the largest. At a time when a number of manufacturers are throwing in the towel, the German brand continues to offer us a small radiator in 120 mm!

be quiet! claims serious performance for its AIO. The brand indicates that the kit will be able to maintain your processor at low temperatures, despite the use of demanding applications. What’s more, as this is the 280 mm version, we’re expecting something pretty solid, so we’ll see how it performs on our CPUs.

Otherwise, we find the brand’s new Pure Wings 3 fans. These are advertised as high-performance, since they are capable of generating high static pressure. Even so, noise shouldn’t be a problem, as the company claims they are silent.

Like the Pure Loop and Pure Loop 2 FX, the pump is “double decoupled”. In layman’s terms, this means that the pump is no longer located in the waterblock, but in the pipes. What’s more, to reduce the noise it generates, it is fully insulated, in a rubberized compartment. Its PWM-type power supply also enables us to adjust its speed to our needs.

As for the radiator, it still retains its filling port. Unlike other references in the sector, this is provided for by the brand that features it. So, if you run out of fuel, no problem, you can refuel without losing your warranty.

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 280

As for the invoice, be quiet! offers us an AIO in 280 mm at a price of €114.90. It’s a very attractive price, and comes dangerously close to a Liquid Freezer II of the same size. Let’s see how it compares!