Review : Acer Predator Helios 300


Performance Gaming

Gaming performance

Let’s move on to gaming performance with this 3070 Ti at 115W (150W max).

On Borderlands 3, with the graphics settings set to brutal and the API set to DX12, we reach 97.54 FPS average in 1080p and 69.56 FPS in 1440p.

Then, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider set to very high and DX12 displays 140 FPS on average in 1080p and 100 FPS in 1440p.

Anno 1800 With Anno 1800 set to ultra and DX12, we have an average of 140.31 FPS in 1080p and 108.24 in 1440p.

On Forza Horizon 5, set to extreme in DX12, the 3070 Ti averages 92 FPS in 1080p, and 80 FPS in 1440p. The 3070 Ti can therefore play at more than 60 frames per second in 1440p without any problem with the best graphics presets.

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