Review: Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC


Intel Xe Super Sampling:

Intel also launches in parallel with its new graphics cards, the Xe Super Sampling technology more commonly called XeSS. This is a new graphics technology proposed by Intel that uses AI-optimized scaling to improve performance while maintaining faithful image quality. XeSS renders each image at a lower resolution to first improve performance (FPS) and then uses AI scaling to generate images at the desired resolution.

So, as you can see, XeSS, like FSR, can be used with any graphics card, whether it is an AMD, NVIDIA or Intel model. Only the DLSS technology remains the property of NVIDIA and is only compatible with the Chameleon cards. The advantage of DLSS over FSR and XeSS is the amount of games that support it. In the coming months we should also see the number of games that are compatible with FSR and XeSS technologies grow.

Hitman 3: one of the first games to support XeSS

Hitman 3 is for example one of the first games to support XeSS. We have received access to download the beta version which gives us access to the new settings. This is a game that we will now add to our graphics tests for the Ray Tracing part. We will use it here as an example to illustrate the XeSS, but you will find all the results on page 8. Here are the parameters we used during our tests.

Like DLSS and FSR, there are several modes for XeSS. If we refer to the Hitman 3 game, we can discover 4 different modes: Performance, Balanced, Quality and Ultra Quality. These will be found in all future games that support XeSS.

Hitman 3 XeSS

These different modes have an impact on the number of FPS. As you can imagine, the Performance mode will increase the number of FPS, but more at the expense of graphic quality, unlike the Ultra Quality mode. To see for yourself, we tested our Intel ARC A750 under Hitman 3 with these 4 modes and here are our readings.

Intel ARC A750 FPS
Details High + RT off 178,40
Details High + RT on 50,89
RT on + XeSS Performances 88,63 (+ 74%)
RT on + XeSS Balanced 80,09 (+ 57%)
RT on + XeSS Quality 73,30 (+ 44%)
RT on + XeSS Quality ultra 64,88 (+ 27%)


As you can see, the different XeSS modes allow you to gain from 27 to 74% depending on the one you have selected. We will come back later with a file containing screenshots to judge the visual quality.