Review: Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC


The Predator BiFrost software:

Acer puts forward its in-house software, the “Predator BiFrost” which has an OC profile to boost the performance of your graphics card. The software seems to be very well designed and in fact, there are three profiles available within the software. There is of course the default one, the Turbo profile (OC) but also a silent profile. Finally, of course, you will also have the possibility to design your own profile!

It is also via this software that you can have an eye on the data of your graphics card such as temperature, frequencies, fan speed, etc. The RGB customization is also present as well as an “Overlay” mode that can be present on your screen during your gaming sessions in order to follow live the graphic parameters that you have selected.

Now it’s time to test the new Intel drivers that were recently released.