Review: Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC


Specifications and PCB:

Technical specifications:

As its name suggests, this Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OCversion benefits from factory overclocking. The base frequency will be higher than the one proposed by Intel on its reference board. The base frequency is 2200 MHz and can reach 2400 MHz via the Predator BiFrost software, which we’ll come back to when we test the card.

The 16 GB of G-DDR6 memory run at 2187 MHz (560 GB/s) on a 256 bit bus. As we said, it is via Acer’s software that you can choose between the three available modes.

A little passage through GPU-Z to check that the information read is correct. No problem, the announced frequencies correspond to what is announced. While we had problems with GPU-Z when we tested the Intel versions, the current version perfectly supports our Predator BiFrost.

Let’s take a look at the PCB:

Since disassembly is much simpler than with Intel’s reference boards, we wanted to know what the PCB looked like. First of all, it is different from that of the Intel A770 with the presence of the two 8-pin power connectors. There is also a larger power supply stage which seems to be an 8+2 phase (GPU + memory) against a 6+2 for the A770.

We did not want to clean the PCB in order to not compromise the reassembly of the board. So we were not able to identify the controllers present on the PCB.