Review: Acer Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC


The last word:

A card as interesting as ever!

Since the launch last year, Intel has improved its drivers and has corrected the defects that the press had reported at the time of the launch, such as the high power consumption in Idle. It is therefore with great impatience that we awaited the reception of this Predator BiFrost Intel ARC A770 OC from Acer. The gains in performance are quite interesting and can hold some pleasant surprises depending on the game you choose. You will be able to take full advantage of the 1080p definition and 1400p in rasterization. The use of Ray Tracing will force you to opt for 1080p unless the game has XeSS technology, which is always very efficient.

The price of the Intel models seems to have dropped quite a bit, which makes this card even more attractive. Finally, and this is also one of the important things, the arrival of a third contender in the graphics card market. It is the buyer who should be the first beneficiary of the arrival of Intel knowing that their objective seems to be to (re)propose a “correct” price when buying a graphics card. Intel should also offer other GPUs this year.

Predator BiFrost Intel ARC A770 OC

Let’s talk about the model we tested today, starting with its price, which is announced at $399 in the US or 469 euros in Europe, but with an immediate discount of 50 euros, that is, 419 euros, which for us is one of the most interesting offers currently for the purchase of a new graphics card. We are not talking about the possibility of acquiring a GPU on the second-hand market. The price of the Intel model is currently $409 so the Acer model has everything to please you!

The very special cooling system is efficient with a perfectly coherent ventilation curve to reduce noise pollution as much as possible. The two fans, either the 70mm blower or the 92mm axial fan, are quickly forgotten. And not to change anything, it is an atypical design but perfectly realized by Acer as the rear panel of our Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 OC.

We liked:

  • A card to fully enjoy 1080p but also 1440p!
  • Performance close to the RTX 3060 Ti in 1440p rasterization
  • A power supply stage that has been upgraded compared to the Intel reference card
  • A very goodoverclocking potential
  • The excellent cooling system combined with reduced noise pollution
  • The atypical but very well done design
  • The quality of the card’s design
  • The XeSS support which allows Ray Tracing in 1440p
  • The interesting price for a card that allows to enjoy 1440p

We would have liked :

  • A lower power consumption compared to the competition
  • The possibility to overclock the memory

médaille award OMF or goldWe must admit that we did not expect Acer to offer such an interesting card. Indeed, if it is very famous in the world of gaming laptops, it is almost a faultless card with this Predator BiFrost A770 OC resulting from the collaboration with Intel. Let’s hope that this collaboration will continue when Intel expands its offer. If your budget is limited and you want to acquire a powerful card with an atypical design, we can only advise you to choose this model. Thanks to Acer for making this sample available.