PlayStation 5 now supports 1440p


The Playstation 5 is evolving. On the bad news side, its price is increasing (50€) taking into account the global increase of the components price and the negative evolution of the parity between the different currencies and the US dollar. Finally, the new PS5 versions have a modified hardware with a consequent reduction of the cooling system thanks to the use of more economical chips. But from a software point of view, the console also evolves. The Playstation 5 now supports 1440P. 

PC / Console: a convergence that is accelerating.

The support of this resolution is not anecdotal and confirms a certain trend seeing gamers switching more and more to a dedicated monitor rather than the family TV. It should be noted that the Xbox Series X | S supports this resolution since the day of its launch . After a long wait, Sony decides to switch by finally taking into account the players using a 1440P monitor for their PS5. Until now, they were forced to play at 1080p on their 2K / 1440p monitor. The only negative point in this story is the variable frequency (VRR). Indeed, after this update, the variable refresh rate (VRR) is still only available in 1080p and 4K resolution.

1440p video output on PS5 requires a TV or PC monitor that supports 1440p/60Hz, or 1440p/60Hz and 120Hz. Results may vary depending on the game being played. VRR on PS5 is only active with 1080p and 4K video output, but not 1440p.

As we mentioned above, this evolution of Sony confirms a shift of gamers who can obviously play on PC and consoles (for the most fortunate) and who thus share more and more a number of peripherals and accessories (headsets, monitors …). This is also a boon for manufacturers. A certain standardization is going to accelerate, we’ll have to see how the connectivity (HDMI vs DP) evolves with this convergence monitor / TV / PC / console.